Remember Love Within

Change is an inescapable part of life. Relationships transform over time, our work environments evolve, and we ourselves become “new” each and every day. Navigating life’s currents can be exhilarating but when things darken, we may need a little guidance to find our way again.

My style of coaching is holistic. Holistic care considers each person as a whole, made from many different parts. The mind, body and Spirit are supremely linked – what affects one, affects the other – and not all available methods of care will treat us at every level. Holistic care not only bridges the gap, it takes care of every part of you. I offer different methods of holistic therapy, often incorporating each as needed. Everyone is unique and so is the care they require.

Life Coaching


what would I like to become better at?

Health & Wellness

Would you love to better take care of your body? Would you love more energy throughout the day? Would you love to sleep better at night? Would you love to perform better at your sport?  What else would you love?

Time & Money Freedom

What would you love to do if money and time were not restrictions?

“What you want to do and what you can do, is limited only by what you can dream.”  ~ Mike Melville


Feeling happier, more focused and loved starts with you. Learn how to be your greatest ally.


Discover your passion in the world and learn strategic ways to take action.


With my 12-week transformational program, Remember Love Within, you can accelerate your growth and start living the life thought up and designed by You. We all know the saying: “You can do whatever you put your mind to.” Is there an area of life that you apply this to, and yet you still struggle?

As your coach, I would be honored to guide you in breaking through your odds.

What will you receive when you invest in yourself with my step-by-step program:

Overcome feelings of fear and worry

  • A welcomed change for self-respect and acceptance
  • Deeper more connected relationships
  • Experience Life to the fullest – a vibrant energetic body
  • Recognize your leadership qualities
  • Become a heart-centered professional
  • Ability to handle conflicts better
  • Learn about and develop your unwavering Inner Peace
  • And so much more …

Life coaching and holistic mentoring are similar to talk therapy, but have more depth, really rooting out the issues. It’s a more intimate experience and typically requires less time overall, as we use new tools to draw out the heart of the problem fast.

One of my gifts is my ability to help you find your meaning – to help you find your “why” – sometimes, for the first time in your life. Working with me, you do not have to come back every week forever. I will help you find the root causes of your concerns and I will teach you how to help yourself move forward.

Your individual effort, willingness and consistency in using the tools we discuss, influence your results.


Art of Coaching

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a compelling holistic therapy that allows your body to heal itself like it was designed to do. Whether your ailment is physical or emotional, this therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Couple’s Mentoring

Sometimes, we get stuck in destructive beliefs and patterns in our relationship and it becomes tricky to break out of them. My three-month program will get your partnership back on the right track again. 

Constellation Therapy

Constellation Therapy

Constellation Therapy cuts through the barriers of language to get right to the core of the matter. Using the power of the group mind-field to blast through old patterns and beliefs, this is a must for any who seek real growth.

“Remember Love Within is a wonderful 12-week journey for the Spirit. One may face their deepest challenges, and given the tools for transformation, be able to see and be the Light that we all are. We explored our personal financial patterns, journeyed to turning points in our lives, learned how to recognize inspired desires as oppose to reactive ones and, most exciting for me, learned what our true Life Mission is. In my own experience, I had the opportunity to work with this Mission immediately (I wasn’t expecting that!), which required me to push through some personal blocks and, with Kathy’s help, I succeeded. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to further their spiritual development, or anyone simply wanting to improve their life!”

- Nancy S.