Couples Coaching

Your relationship is worthy of a method that works.

Couples Mentoring
Like most things in our lives, falling in love, getting married and building a life together as a family is exciting and new, and it feels so right. But as time goes on, the initial excitement winds down. While we still feel and experience all those things that connected us to begin with, feelings of resentment, anger, or even hate, start to show up and muddy the picture.

More and more, we start to lose interest in one another. Blame becomes the driving force in the relationship. We may recognize this and look for ways to improve the relationship, trying to find the answers to our questions through various methods of therapy.

We ask ourselves: What happened to us?

We begin to look at all the “wrong” things and keep analyzing. We try to get to the “bottom of things.”

The problem is: there is no bottom.

Analyzing what is “wrong” does not work. There will not be a lasting and peaceful solution by trying to “get to the bottom.”

My approach in mentoring couples is a step-by-step 3 month program in which couples:

  • Meet with me once a week for one hour, every week in the first month
  • Meet twice a month for an hour for 2 months (totaling 8 sessions in 3 months)
  • Recognize the attraction beyond the obvious that brought them together in the first place
  • Identify and recognize their inner reality and what drives them individually
  • Recognize their partner’s inner reality and how to connect to it
  • Quantum remove the blocks that stand in their way of creating the life they always wanted
  • Receive 2 individual CranioSacral Therapy sessions:
    • 1st after the couple’s second session
    • 2nd after the couple’s seventh session

Individual effort and willingness to do this work influences the outcome of the program. My 12 week step-by-step couples coaching program is all-inclusive with CST and Constellation work as needed.


“During one treatment (with Kathy), I recognized that most of my headaches came from the stress in my marriage. When Kathy mentioned her couple’s therapy, I talked to my husband and we attended her 3 month program. It was the best decision we made. Our communication skills improved. My husband is more open to talk about his feelings and I am not only more comfortable expressing mine as well, but I actually understand what really bothers me. Kathy gave us tools and homework to do at home and she was always available to answer questions over text. My marriage is more harmonious than it ever was. Kathy has the ability to always put things into perspective that soothes your soul.”

- Monica K.