What is a Constellation Circle?

Systemic/Family Constellation

Systemic/Family Constellation, what I like to call a Constellation Circle, is another tool I love to introduce my clients to. Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist and the founder of Family Constellation, observed that we all “take on” the destructive family patterns of our ancestors on a subconscious level in an attempt to “belong” in our families and society. Over time, these destructive patterns in our subconscious become thoughts and beliefs that we experience as anxietyangerguiltpain, and much more.

Hellinger called these patterns entanglements.

A child often makes the choice to sacrifice his or her own best interest to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member. This subconscious mechanism, of course, is a futile attempt that serves neither the child nor the family member the child is trying to save.


Constellation Circles Can Help

Pinpoint Blocks

Constellations allow us to break entanglements by bringing the subconscious patterns to light – into our consciousness – which allow us the recognition that we have a choice.

Choice allows for a new life pattern to be created, designed by connection vs. separation and exclusion.

Clears Trauma

Constellation Circles take place in a supportive group setting. As with CranioSacral Therapy, the complaint can be a bodily ailment or something of an emotional nature. Our bodies are much more connected than we realize.

A Constellation Circle will not only shed light on destructive patterns and entanglements, it will provide you with a solution

Provides Deep Fulfillment

Constellation Circles are opportunities to help others work through their own subconscious material, indirectly helping yourself in the process, and to experience the fulfilling gratitude that comes from being there for others.

It’s nourishment for the soul.

Constellation Circles are held every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Here's a video to further explain the amazing Family Constellation process!

“I went to my first Constellation Circle purely out of curiosity. My mother, also a curious creature, decided to tag along with me. Neither of us really knew what to expect, other than a vague sense of it being similar to group therapy. A friend and I made some snacks and the three of us got to Kathy’s. We gathered in the kitchen, eating all the fantastic food everyone brought as more people trickled in. With each person, a lovely introduction and a new snack. I was very happy. After all arrived, we gathered in the living room and introduced ourselves. We got to know a bit about each other’s backgrounds, until Kathy finally asked, “Who here is troubled with something on their mind?” Unbeknownst to me, my mother raised her hand and began to talk about missing the old life she’d recently left behind, and she burst into tears. The group agreed to explore it. I won’t get into the details, but as the process unfolded, I was blown away. Not only did my mother get to see her woes from new perspectives, but others in the group were having their own revelations. My heart grew, and it opened to receive all of the wisdom. By the end of it, I felt deep bonds with everyone there and I am so happy my mother’s curiosity blossomed into such a healing experience for everyone. I cannot recommend Constellation Circle enough. Please, go see for yourself, the magic.”​

- B. D.