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Welcome! I am so grateful you are here.

Chances are you came to visit my site, because you are seeking relief from pain or an ailment you are experiencing.

I help women, men and children who had years long medical issues and are not getting the healing they want.

If this is you, you are in the right place. Keep reading about the different modes I can be of help to you.

As a Craniosacral Therapist and Life Coach helping people navigate major life transitions for over a decade, I use a variety of powerful healing modalities, my methods are gentle and yet highly effective.

As mind body and spirit are so interconnected, one does not work well without the other, using the Inner Physician – the Intelligent System Within – it is my pleasure to help my clients reveal patterns of thought that no longer serve and restore balance in the CS (craniosacral) System.

Your CS System is part of your central nervous system. Craniosacral Therapy has no negative side effects. What it does though is, it removes blocks that stand in the way of clear communication between brain and body. This is a necessary step for the body to regain its ability to heal itself. As that happens the brain recognizes areas in the body that need help. You in turn become aware of aches, pains, tension your body was holding onto that you may not have been aware of previously. This is a healing process. It is important that we keep this in mind and trust the Intelligence within through this process.

Dr. Upledger described this process as “energy will leave the body exactly the way it entered.”

This energy can be physical in nature like a fall, accident, hit etc… or it can be on the invisible thought level as well. We call this thought level “emotion” or “feeling” level.

CranioSacral Therapy Session

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is part of craniosacral therapy for the above mentioned reason. Our bodies store traumatic experiences on both levels. When an individual is ready to release emotional trauma, the Inner Physician will facilitate that healing through the body.

Again Dr. Upledger’s words: “There is so much we can do with the body before we touch the mind, and there is so much we can do with the mind before it is necessary to touch the body”.

In my training with the Upledger Institute, I became fascinated with SER and went on studying mind-body connection even more. I found Mary Morrissey’s Life Coaching program to be a valuable tool in my CST work and became certified in her Dream Builder Coach program.

Through my 35+ years of coaching and teaching experience I trust that we can confidently get you on the path of healing that works. Whether you want better health, a new career or more fulfillment in your relationships, we can build on your strengths together towards an empowered life you love living.


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CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is one of the most effective modalities that helps your body heal itself without any negative side-effects

Life-Coaching Doors

Life Coaching

Navigating life’s currents can be exhilarating but when things darken, we may need a little guidance to find our way again


Systemic Constellation

Constellations allow us to break unhealthy thought patterns by bringing the subconscious patterns to light – into our consciousness


"Apply yourself to thinking through difficulties - hard times can be softened, tight squeezes widened, and heavy loads made lighter for those who can apply the right pressure.” - Seneca


A Perfect Gift To Someone Special!

Change someones life by giving the gift of healing to someone you love. 

“Hi Kathy, I just wanted to send you some gratitude for all the insights you gave me while we were working together. The healing you did for me is a gift that keeps on giving and I draw on things I learned from you about myself and the universe all the time.”​

- Mary M.

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Warren’s love and appreciation of animals and nature was palpable when we met and I could not help, but become curious. My journey to see and feel the same he does was interesting. I can now see them through “his eyes”, thus our beautiful store.


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