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I thank you so much for Friday's session; an amazing, healing, work of art! I experienced such a shift when I was on the table; I am so thankful for all of the things that came up to be cleared and healed. Later on that day, at home, I began to feel very peaceful and was able to rest deeply.
The next morning while still in bed, realizing I was going to drive to my son's house and stay for the weekend, some anxiety was there about that, but I was guided to get up, and as I went about getting packed and ready, I was calm and focused. Driving up there, (driving often a stressor for me), I was mostly calm and in my center! I was able to be present to the family with LOVE and enjoy my time with them, which hasn't been the case for years now.

Also, yesterday, when I went to a grocery store which is usually quite busy & frenetic, and where I usually feel lousy when I go in there, I was PEACEFUL & in my center! These things show me how different I'm actually feeling.

I am remembering the wonderful things that came to my awareness, with your beautiful guidance, in my session, and continue to bring them with me for healing and PEACE.
I will be in touch with more feedback; I feel like I could write a book!

Love, Light, Peace,
Date of Posting: 13 February 2014
Posted By: Nancy
Thank you so much for coming to our office and providing the staff a mini "get-away".
Date of Posting: 10 January 2014
Posted By: Nina Napolitano
United States
Kathy has magic hands! Sounds dramatic, but this is the simplest way to describe how successfully she has helped me!

Chronic Pain
In 1968 I had scoliosis (no rod) to correct rapidly progressing C & S curvatures of the spine. The 3 disks not fused have borne the brunt of a very average lifestyle (cyclically active and sedentary) over these years causing increasingly severe pain and limited motion. Starting in Jan 2012, combined discipline therapy sessions with Kathy not only alleviated chronic symptoms, but now I maintain pain-free and great flexibility with monthly visits. Faced with the alternative of major surgery and lengthy recovery, I cannot express the immense physiological and psychological relief to have found Kathy!

Acute Pain
Just a few sessions into the above mentioned back therapy, a tripping accident resulted in multiple fractures and detached muscles in my right hand, plus torn meniscus in the right knee. Initially diagnosed as a soft-tissue injury, it took 10 days before fracture was confirmed and treated. A very considerable amount of pain was endured during the bone healing period and continued throughout traditional rehabilitative physical therapy at the end of which provided only basic range of motion. Persistently weak muscles from finger tips past wrist were very uncomfortable and resistant to improvement until one single session with Kathy. She concentrated working several techniques with the nerves and muscles throughout the body that in fact relay to the hand. Huge and immediate improvement!

This same methodology was later used to heal the knee with the same fantastic results. There is just a very limited need to dedicate another session to each in the future.

Stress Management
High levels of on-going personal and career-related stress have taken their toll physically and psychologically. The sessions with Kathy treat my spirit as well as my body. Her innate gentle kindness and positive attitude are as much a part of the healing process as her mastery of such a wide range of techniques. Knowledge, integrity, personal stamina and caring heart allows her to treat each patient in a very individualized manner.

With much gratitude to Kathy I do not hesitate to recommend her as an important part of your treatment plan.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2013
Posted By: Sheron Miller Gromek
“I find that massage therapy is very effective in relieving tension. Kathy uses the right amount of pressure and is superb at what she does. I always leave her sessions feeling more relaxed and limber which sets the stage for the rest of my day. I would recommend her massage therapy to anyone.”
Date of Posting: 17 July 2013
Posted By: Dale Bartlett
It started when I came home at the end of August 2012 from emergency gallbladder surgery and I couldn't fall asleep, because as soon as my breath slowed down I would start coughing and it woke me up. At that point I was desperate for sleep having had little to no sleep for 5 days. Kathy came to my house and worked on me for about 1 hour. I slept like a baby from then on.

On another occasion in Oct 2012 my right knee had been hurting for about a month straight. I mentioned it to her and after 1 hour of working on it the pain was gone and has not returned since.

In April 2013 I mentioned to her that my shoulder had been hurting a lot for about 3 weeks and my neck had just tightened up on me. Once again she spent 1 hour after which my neck was fine and the shoulder’s pain had been reduced by 80%. I went back 4 weeks later for another 1 hour CST session after which I only felt shoulder pain if I bent my arm back in one odd way…..other wise I have forgotten the pain was there.

I did see her again in May and mentioned that since I had shingles over last summer I was having a recurring bout with my skin breaking out all over my body. We had another 1 hour session and since then (2 weeks now) my skin has been almost normal and a welcome relief.

When I was growing up all the older folks always complained of aches and pains. Now I know what they were talking about. Thank God for the CST method …….no joke…. it has relieved me time and time again from the insistent debilitating aches and pains that robs so many people of their quality of life with out having to load up on pills.

If my CST experience was something less then stellar I would have mentioned it here. But when something works this well…….everyone should know about it!

If you have a chance to work with or receive the CST method I highly recommend it. It is a soothing, gentle and extremely effective method.

Nicholas G.
Investment Fund Money Manager
Date of Posting: 29 May 2013
Posted By: Nicholas G
After years of pain and sleepless nights, physical therapy, pain management, surgery and many other treatments,I had given up hope that I would be able to live pain free and spiritually "whole" again.
My double mastectomy, ovarian surgery and diabetes had taken a toll on my body and I needed healing.
Doctors were quick to give me multiple drugs, therapy, even surgery, but no one had directed me, or even acknowledged the power of massage.
It was very important for me to find someone that I could be comfortable with, trust and connect with.
From my very first massage with Kathy, I knew that I had met someone very special who was the best at her craft, but so much more.
What sets Kathy far apart from others is that massage is not just her profession, but a way of life for her. She is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and caring.
For me Massage is not a passive experience, but a collaborative one.
Kathy and I have been on a long journey of healing together. This process has not only healed my body, but also has been healing to my mind and soul.
Today, I live virtually pain free and with Kathy's continued support, everyday I am closer to being "whole " again. She has been a priceless gift.
Thank you.
Sue Fernandez
Date of Posting: 12 December 2012
Posted By: Susan Fernandez
Kathy has an amazing talent. I live with migraines but after a half an hour session during one of my spells with her I only needed half the amount of pills I normally take. My entire body was very relaxed and, almost, as if I was disconnected from the floor. Kathy indeed has the power of healing in her gentle hands.
Date of Posting: 15 November 2012
Posted By: Cecelia Mertens
Branchburg New Jersey
I was curious about craniosacral massage and found it very invigorating, though it is a gentle, hands-on method, the results are amazing. The therapy itself is hard to describe. The experience of being treated is quite subtle and found the after-effects to be deep and occasionally profound, physically and emotionally. Kathy is an exceptional person, always professional, warm, grounded, and receptive.
Date of Posting: 17 October 2012
Posted By: elena
I scheduled a CST session with Kathy a few months ago after my husband had a massage session with her. He raved about her and mentioned her “calming” presence. Prior to my first visit, I was a bit nervous and did not know what to expect. Immediately upon meeting Kathy I felt comfortable with her. I am grateful to have met Kathy --I feel great and she helps me on my wellness journey… she is wonderful at what she does and takes time to understand and discuss whatever ails you!
Date of Posting: 15 October 2012
Posted By: Nicole Occhiato
All i can say is ... THANK GOD I found Kathy. I had been hearing the people at my job raving about her services for months before I made my first appointment. When I finally did I honestly have not experienced such a powerful healing session through CST in my life. I had no idea what to expect but she made me feel completely comfortable, safe and I knew without a doubt that I could trust her to intuitively find the places in my body that needed attention. She is incredibly gifted, professional and loving. From just the first two sessions I have made up my mind to continue seeing her on a long term basis. I can't wait - truly truly amazing and deep gratitude for her and her practice.
Date of Posting: 05 September 2012
Posted By: Jozette Rodriguez
Branchburg New Jersey

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