Group Mentoring 


“Remember Love Within” is a structured support group for women and men, developed and facilitated by me, Kathy Moser, based on the teachings of: A Course In Miracles (ACIM).  The program is designed to help recognize the power of our own beliefs, connecting our thoughts to our physical experiences and quantum remove/reinterpret thoughts and beliefs that block the experience of our natural state of being: peace, love and joy on both emotional and physical levels. 
Three Wednesdays of each month for 9 weeks participants will take turns talking and listening to one another about their concerns and interests. Through the principals of ACIM common dynamics in participants’ stories will be identified and discussed. 
Through my 7-step-by-step program using creative and focused activities participants will receive practical tools to connect with their own Inner Guidance.  Learning to follow this Inner Guidance, participants will discover what their uniqueness is all about and how to manifest it in the world. 
“Remember Love Within” aims to provide advice, and encourages participants to share experiences that are helpful to one another.  Through listening and respect for themselves and others, participants will be reminded and encouraged to reflect on and express their own thoughts and feelings at their own pace.  
Reading and working though ACIM on your own is highly recommended, but it is not required to participate in the group. Each participant will also receive exclusive access to the private online forum created just for the group. This forum provides a safe and secure environment to all participants who choose to connect, share and ask questions of each other and the facilitator in support of their learning and ever changing experiences.  Invitation to participate in the forum is by email from the facilitator only; it is not open to the public.


Meetings are scheduled as follows:  

  • Please call for next available dates

All meetings start at 7pm and will conclude at 8:30pm.



I would like to share thoughts of a few participants I had the pleasure to support on their journey in hopes that they would inspire you to experience what is possible for you.


  • "Remember Love Within is a wonderful nine week journey for the Spirit.  One may face their deepest challenges, and given the tools for transformation, be able to see and be the Light that we all are.
    We explored our personal financial patterns, journeyed to turning points in our lives, learned how to recognize inspired desires as opposed to reactive ones, and, most exciting for me, learned what our true Life Mission is.  In my own experience, I had an opportunity to work with this Mission immediately (I wasn't expecting that!), which required me to push through some personal blocks and, with Kathy's help, I succeeded.
    I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to further their spiritual development, or anyone simply wanting to improve their life!"
    Nancy S.
  • "After the 9 weeks of Remember Love Within course, "my life" changed dramatically. I put "my life" in quotes, because in reality my life wasn't altered at all. The thing that did change was how I thought about everything. I see things through a new set of very loving eyes without my previous judgments. I have begun to drop all of the "rules" that I put in place to protect myself and I started to truly experience freedom in my life. I know that this may sound a bit crazy for only 9 weeks, but it is true and amazing. 
    Thank you again for everything!"
    Colleen C.
    "Kathy's Remember Love Within workshop lead me to a greater understanding of the root of my issues , challenges and fears.  It's very rarely what you think it is. I feel lighter, I feel I'm seeing and thinking more clearly. And above all I understand that my life is a choice and the best choice is always to come from Love."
    Patty T.
    "I would describe my experience with this class as transformative. The structure of the program was very unique from other classes I’ve attended. The exercises challenged me to examine my thoughts and the way I have interpreted events in my life. Other exercises awaken positive and long dormant thoughts about my purpose in this life. The program did this in a very supportive and loving way.  I feel I have gone on a journey of guided self discovery that has brought me to a place where I can remember love within."
    Jeff T.
"I was just looking for a certified reflexologist. Someone who knew the points on the feet and hands that corresponded to organs/health issues. Someone who was gentle so I could relax at a level not generally possible as a corporate professional. However, in Kathy, I have found so much more.
Kathy heals on all levels - mind, body, spirit. If it's true that we live many life times and carry karma from one to the next, then I want to release the karma in THIS lifetime. I don't want to keep dealing with the same issues, pain, experiences, and emotions - over and over again. I want to create and manifest peace, joy, and love in my life. If you want to as well, work with Kathy. You have to decide to release the negative, you have to invite in the positive, but Kathy can be the powerful healing conduit and facilitator to help you do this."
Joan R
"One of the reasons I chose to work with Kathy is the group setting she provides. The space that we meet is great for authenticity, warm and loving interaction with others. This may seem silly to some, but with this space for me comes the freedom to get to areas in my thoughts I could not before. Kathy's course material helped me to become more confident and feel better about myself. Other areas of challenge for me was confusion. As I found out from Kathy's curriculum of study our stories may be different, but the judgments that occur are usually the same. Then there is the group. A group of people all looking for similar ideas, creates a strong unity. The group setting created a safe place to hear and express my inner ideas and judgments I was holding and living as true. Once expressed or acknowledged I was able to choose between old patterns and the truth that makes me feel free. I would recommend this course for anyone and especially someone looking for their truth or path in life."
Michael R