Like most things in our lives; falling in love, getting married and build a life as a family is exciting and new and feels right…  As times goes on however, the initial excitement winds down and while we still feel and experience all those things that connected us to begin with, feelings of resentment, anger, even hate starts showing up.  More and more we start to lose interest in one another and blame of ourselves or the other for all that “has gone wrong” become the driving force in the relationship.  We begin to look for ways to improve the relationship and find answers to our question through all sorts of therapy methods:  “What happened to us?”

We then begin to look at all the “wrong” things and keep analyzing.  We try to get to the “bottom of things”. 

The problem is: there is no bottom. Analyzing what is “wrong” does not work and there will not be a lasting and peaceful solution by trying to “get to the bottom”.

My approach in couples mentoring is a step-by-step program in which couples:

  • Meet once a week for one hour for 1 month and twice a month for an hour for 2 months (3 months – 8 sessions)
  • Recognize the attraction beyond the obvious that brought them together in the first place
  • Identify and recognize their inner reality and what drives them individually
  • Recognize their partner’s inner reality and how to connect to it
  • Quantum remove the blocks that stand in their way of creating the life they always wanted
  • Receive 2 individual CST sessions:
    • 1st after the second couple’s session
    • 2nd after the seventh couple’s session

Individual effort and willingness to do this work influences the outcome of the program.


Couples will also have exclusive access to my online forum that provides a safe and supportive environment in support of their learning and ever changing experiences.